Friday, August 9, 2019

July 2019 Figure Haul

I got some spare time and decide to make a figure haul post since I like reading others posts myself.

The first figure which I receive is Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yugioh Duel Monster. The opportunity to pose Kaiba with his beloved trusted dragon is too much to be resisted even though the scale and price is kinda erm -.-“ No regrets though.

Second up is an unexpected purchase which I have mentioned in my Wonfest post. After watching Bungou Stray Dogs, I cannot stop thinking of the character, especially Dazai. Was then casually browsing a local online selling platform - Carousell and to my surprise, Dazai & Chuuya pop up with normal PO price. I knew that I do not have time to consider given their popularity and proceed to reserve them straightaway. Still cannot believe I manage to snag them at such prices! 

I did struggle quite abit for this figure since my budget is used up by Blue Eyes purchase and I did not really want to overspend. Having said that, it is hard to pass up on G.E.M. Lelouch Zero Version since the aftermarket will not be friendly based on previous releases. Bit the bullet and got him.

Lastly, this figure – Luffy Gear Fourth Leo Bazooka from Figuarts Zero was delayed for roughly two months hence he ended up in this haul post. I have the chance to get him from other sources. However, I trust my retailer whom I am working for sometimes and end up waiting. When this figure finally arrived, I was abit bummed though since part of the box is crushed (Not such of a premium box collector person but still, I do not fancy mine in spoilt condition). Luckily, the figure is good condition.

That is all from my first haul post. Haha I am way overdue in my figure reviewing. All the photos have been taken though. Will find them to finally review them soon. Hope you all enjoy reading and look forward to my reviews. Will also be dedicating some time for my personal blog. Feel free to follow me on that and Instagram as well. Have a nice one! じゃねぇ ^^v