Sunday, December 18, 2016

Banpresto Figure Colosseum 造形王頂上決戦 VI Contest Initial Thoughts

Smoker: My top candidate to win the contest. Personally speaking, I am not really a big fan of him. However, this figure look totally badass. His pose, the "I am all ready to face off" feeling he exude, etc. everything is spot on! Most likely, will end up buying this figure when it is released. 塗装したフィギュアの写真を見た瞬間、好きになっちゃて、早く手に入れたいです。すごく感動しました。いままでのスモーカーのフィギュアの中で、一番いいと思います。

Doflamingo: My second favorite of this series. I started falling in love with this character for no apparent signs and reasons. Was looking forward to the painted prototype and well~ I am not disappointed. Vibrant color, nice looking cape, evil looking grin. One point kinda bother me though. Cannot remember the scene when he has this strange ninja kick. Maybe the scene when he faced off with Sanji o.O?

Luffy: I like his face alot. Even though there are lots of Luffy figures out in the market, I think this may be one of the top ones should it be released. The only reason he is not ranked higher is the abundance of Luffy figures. 

Jimbei: Curious case. Even with his dynamic pose, I don't feel much about him. Not bad-looking but so how..... cannot put them into words.

Marco: *scratch head* Izzit just me or?? I totally don't like his paint job, those blue and yellow.... can be abit more transparent or different layers of ligher and darker blue I suppose... 

Tashigi: The only lady in this series. The only one with NO Dynamic pose.... Enough said... 

What do you all think? Look forward to reading your comments ^^. As on 18 Dec 2016 11:50pm Singapore time, here is the temporary voting result. Happy that Smoker is leading by abit. Second is Marco which took me by surprise! Apparently, the voting will end on 23 December 2016. You guys can proceed to vote at this linkFigure Colosseum VI  

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