Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One Piece World Collectable Figure WCF Film Z Vol 3

Lineup consists of the following:
  • FZ017 Luffy
  • FZ018 Zoro
  • FZ019 Nami
  • FZ020 Usopp
  • FZ021 Sanji
  • FZ022 Robin
  • FZ023 Franky
  • FZ024 Brook

  • Personal Best: Luffy, He with his loaf of meat is just too good to resist
  • POP Wannabe: Well, we all know how the wretched POP line concluded in the end =`(  Obviously, I will like the have the rest of the line, Nami, Usopp, Franky, Brook to be "POP-lised". On the side note,  I am pretty surprised that there is no Nami, one of Megahouse cash cow, in the wretched line in the first place.
  • WCF Wannabe: Nil
  • Room for improvement: Nil as I am pretty pleased with this set.  

Here is the box art, front and back view of all figures.

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