Sunday, January 8, 2017

Megahouse POP MAS Tony Tony Chopper Horn Point

I am a BIG BIG Chopper fan and so excited when this figure is slated for release. It is an instant pre-order for me. チョッパーが大好きので、このフィギュアを買わなければりません。メガハウスさん、片言の日本語で一生のお願いですチョッパー他の変形を再現させていただけきませんありがとうございます

Box Art: 4/5 Box dimension are 30cm(H) by 20cm(L) by 19cm(W). The box design is pretty much based on showcasing different angles of Chopper. Nothing too fanciful or elaborate. I especially love the left view whereby they included おれは生意気な怪物だ!!! (lit. meaning I am a cheeky monster!!!) The famous line whereby Chopper has comes to terms with himself and become a monster to help Mugiwara Crews. 

Figure: 5/5 It stands at around 22cm. I have to reiterate: Chopper fans should really get this even though it is a fixed pose without any accessory. Megahouse has broken away from their usual Chopperman line and introduced this badass Horn Point, one of his many transformation forms. Hopefully, Megahouse can make his other forms - Heavy Point, Walk Point, Guard Point, Monster Point. Being able to display all of them together is pure bliss!

Likes: As expected from Megahouse quality in terms of details, the horns are nicely sculpted instead of just being painted on it.

Dislikes: Nothing in particular.

Base: Instead of the one color scheme, Megahouse has used two colors for this base, pink with silver border which I like alot. Having said that, I prefer the pink to be more "lighter tone cloud pinkish". Just to conclude, Megahouse, please please please give me all the other transformation forms!

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