Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One Piece World Collectable Figure WCF Vol.10

Lineup consists of the following:
  • TV073 Chibi Sanji
  • TV074 Zeff
  • TV075 Patty
  • TV076 Sanji
  • TV077 Luffy
  • TV078 Don Krieg
  • TV079 Gin
  • TV080 Alvida

  • Personal Best: Patty, The epic smile when greeting Gin "いらっしゃいませ,イカ野郎" before turning on him when he realized Gin did not have any money for to pay for food. (Epi.21)
  • POP Wannabe: Has to be Zeff! Will love to have all the benefactors for Mugiwara crews!!!
  • WCF Wannabe: Instead of this generic adult Sanji design, the kneeling Sanji is a much better choice
  • Room for improvement: Luffy - one side of his hat is rather "sqaure-ish". The figure itself is quite flat also. Both Sanji - They should have painted the part in which the hair cover Sanji's eye. Look like a small dent if you look closely.   

Here is the box art, front and back view of all figures.

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