Sunday, January 22, 2017

One Piece World Collectable Figure WCF Vol.12

Lineup consists of the following:
  • TV089 Luffy
  • TV090 Nami
  • TV091 Nojiko
  • TV092 Bellemere
  • TV093 Genzo
  • TV094 Mohmoo
  • TV095 Chew
  • TV096 Arlong

  • Personal Best: Nothing really stands out for me. The only thing which I can remember is Bellemere's speech, asking her kids to stay alive.
  • POP Wannabe: Since there are Nami and Bellemere already, I will certainly like to have an adult Nojiko to be displayed with them. However, the chance of that happening seems remote =`(
  • WCF Wannabe: Seriously Mohmoo?! Banpresto could have included him in the WCF Zoo set if they really wanted to release him. I will prefer Hachi instead.  
  • Room for improvement: Frankly speaking, I cannot "resonate" with the Nami Arc, so nothing to be happy or disappointed as regards to this WCF series. However, will prefer to have Nami figure in her green top as in the Arlong arc  

Here is the box art, front and back view of all figures.


  1. I like your review. Could you review more WCF lineup?

    1. Thanks for the comments. haha has been quite busy and lazy. Have taken alot of photos for review though. Will certainly review more in the future.