Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Whole Collection.. sort of

Was exchanging pictures with one of the online collector friend here in mfc as well as had the mood for writing so here I am.

This must be my favorite part of my collection as I will be able to see both the middle and the top section from my bed before I sleep. As suspected, I have tried to display the majority of Chopper in the front which simply brighten up my mood whether I am sleeping or waking up.

Below is more cabinet space where I placed some of the bulky boxes. These figures remained as my holy grails at the point when this photo was taken but I have since sold POP Crocodile which I may have regretted abit, will elaborate more during my figure review.

Here is my second glass cabinet where I randomly stacked the boxes just to fit them in, so no themes.

As for this area, I had managed to sell some of the pervious figures which was here, thanks goodness! So I have abit of space to work on and had already moved some of the Yugioh scales, NGNL nendo, etc inside the component. They will be the ones which I will be reviewing soon hopefully…

Another cabinet space where I had managed to re-arrange and move my books away / throw away some of the stuffs inside and here it is now, solely for figures. Like the part where the nendo fits in nicely. Will probably try to re-arrange in the future to showcase all / majority of the nendo here.

More space on top, the prominent one being the awesome Franky! ^^v

These compartments are right besides my bed. I do try to change things around here according to my mood. However, the only ones that can fit inside are the WCF Figures, nendo or some of the smaller scales figures. Feeling the nendo mood now, so awesome to be seeing these sweet cute stuffs inside me.

Below my bed is another portion which I can pull out to fit another mattress in. However, it has become a bed for my Chopper plushies which I am trying to sell. May have bought too much during the initial stage of my collection, over 100 plushies now o.O 

Lastly, as I do not have enough cabinet space, here are some of the big plastic boxes which I used to store my figures and plushies. I am literally surrounded by figures and enjoyed every single bit of it. Having said that, no space to let them out of the box and display them is kinda a bumper…Hopefully, I get to do so in the future. See you in my next post ^^v

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