Monday, February 19, 2018

Wonder Festival Winter 2018 Afterthoughts

Took this picture after my first experience of brainstorming with project mates in Singapore Changi Airport during Chinese New Year. Long story short, my body mechanism auto woke my up even after long hours of study and around four hours sleep to catch all Wonfest updates in mfc, youtube chats, discord, etc. I divided them into four broad categories below:

“Sorry Wallet-san, Room Space-san” Figures

This had to be my personal Special One: Shuvi Dola from No Game No Life Zero by Good Smile Company. My inner self is literally jumping with joy when I first saw this unpainted prototype. So awesome, glorious, etc running out of superlatives to describe her. She will almost certainly find her way into my collection.

I will never be able to figure out the reason for them taking so long to release these lovely figures, but I am so glad that they did eventually. KHR will be one of the battle anime which I ranked highly along with One Piece, Yugioh, Hunter X Hunter, etc yet there are hardly any decent figures to speak of until now…. So happy to see Sawada Tsunayoshi & Hibari Kyouya from Katekyou Hitman Reborn by FREEing being announced. The glaring lack of Hibird and Reborn is a concern though. Even though I remain skeptical if they will release the whole tenth generation of Vongola Famiglia, there is now a very slight but real chance of that happening and I cannot wait!!!~~ Please bite my wallet to death!!!~~

“Full of Hopes” Figures

As much as I like Kakashi, I find this unpainted prototype, Kakashi from Naruto by Megahouse abit meh and uninspired as I will certainly prefer the Hokage version which they announced sometimes back but never see the light…. Having said that, I will not go to the extent of deeming this figure a disappointment. Will be curious to see the painted prototype before passing any judgement.

I thought that my feelings would have wane by now but realised that I still have her somewhere in my heart when I saw the unpainted prototype, Altair from Re:Creators by Good Smile Company. Another one which I am unsure if she will fit in with my figure aesthetic. Only have one Meteora nendoroid to speak of currently. Certainly hope for Selesia, Mirokuji and Altair nendoroid to be made to display them along with this scale.

Another one that piqued my interest will be Black Rock Shooter Inexhaustible Version from BSR by Good Smile Company. BSR figures will be an eternal contradiction to my own figure collection ideals. I only collects figures from anime / character which I like but BSR figures override all logic. I only have Black Gold Saw & Strength scale along with all the nendoroids and they are so good to look at. Based on the preview pictures, this figure can be quite tall and seem abit daunting to fix. With space a premium, I will not be sure where I can place her at. On the other hand, I will be worried about the aftermarket crazy price should I were to miss her pre-order. Decisions~ Decisions~.

Trying very hard to resist the both cute nendoroids of Chino & Cocoa and now this Chino from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? By Easy Eight just made things harder!!! Omg totally love the design along with the color scheme. Main deterrence will probably be the price. Nendoroid for Rize & Chiya has also been announced along with an unpainted prototype of Sharo. Start of a beautiful line in my collection??? >.<”

Next up will be Kuujou Joutarou & Kishibe Rohan from Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken by Medicos Entertainment & Sentinel respectively. Cannot find a Jojo figure which I like since a lot are jointed figures. Kinda hyped for this Joutarou nendoroid, he is so cute!!! Really like Rohan design as well. Possibly will be my first two Jojo figures or nothing...

 “What the Fish” Figures

If Shuvi Dola is heaven, this announcement has made me feel like I had descended to hell. My major disappointment: Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life by Phat Company. I cannot believe they give her such a risqué figure. The only thing which filled my mind when I see this figure is they are banking on the sexual appeal and nothing else. I personally will prefer a cheerful / funny version of her. Instant drop for me.

“Blurry Unknown Realm” Figure


I seriously do not know what to think after the Stephanie Dola disappointment. Hatsuse Izuna from No Game No Life by Phat Company has been announced. Can only hope for the best.

Asakura Hao & Asakura You from Shaman King by Kotobukiya. Nostalgic but frankly speaking, I can hardly remember the anime.

Another nendoroid: King from Nanatsu no Taizai by Good Smile Company. Enjoyed the series but characters designs do not really stand out for me. Do I really want to own a figure from them? Hmm…

Lastly, Tenma & Satanichia from Gabriel Dropout by Good Smile Company. Very very uncertain for this two. Initially feel that the nendoroids will be cute and fun to look at but the pictures suggest otherwise. Hope to see more accessories for Tenma and a smug face plate for Satanichia.

Overall Feelings

Instead on harping on the disappointment, the KHR nendoroids along with Shuvi Dola scale made my days. Hope it has been a wonderful Wonfest for u all too. See you in my next post ^^v

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