Saturday, August 11, 2018

Wonder Festival Summer 2018 Afterthoughts

Has been quite some time since my last post. Working and studying is taking its toll and I simply cannot afford the time to watch anime or unbox my figures, let alone posting blog. However, this is Wonfest!!!, one of the biggest event for figure lovers. My post has to be done!!! As usual, I have divided them into four broad categories below:

“Sorry Wallet-san, Room Space-san” Figures

I am going gaga over these potential releases!! Cannot decide which will be my number one: Shuvi Dola from No Game No Life Zero or the KHR nendoroids by Good Smile Company. That Shuvi is so so cute!! cannot wait to see her painted! Biting my wallet to death continues with the release of Mukuro Rokudo, Xanxus and Squalo. Hope for the rest of the tenth generation of Vongola Famiglia to be released!!! Will love to have the Arcobaleno too also. am I being too wishful....??? haha

As expected of Kuujou Joutarou from Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken. That cool demeanor!  Hope GSC will release his stand, Star Platinum. Please no plastic sheet of his stand as seen in some other nendoroids like Kyuubi for Naruto. That is really a poor man's substitute. Ora Ora Ora Ora~!~!~!

Kakyoin is also getting a release as well. Almost likely to get him as well. Was hoping for Rohan from Diamond is Unbreakable though

“Full of Hopes” Figures

OMG! cannot contain my joy when I first saw this picture. Blue-Eyes White Dragon by Megahouse! It is painted somemore!!! Finally get the chance to display Kaiba with his strongest dragon. However, I really love my current Yugioh set-up. Most importantly, I do not think I have the space to shift around to fit Blue Eyes in. In addition, knowing Megahouse and its latest pricing range, this will surely cost an arm and a leg. The jury is still out on this...

My love for One Piece have waned quite drastically. However, this unpainted prototype, Zoro 3000 world version by Megahouse is hard to ignore. That facial expression already look so sick! Waiting for the painted prototype enthusiastically before I decide whether to include him in my collection.

Shiro by Good Smile Company. A new line, Pop Up Parade from Good Smile Company. It is supposed to be cheaper and rival prize figures. Will certainly welcome more nice figures for my NGNL collection.

 “What the Fish” Figures

My worst nightmare has came true. Was not expecting much and true enough, a lewd version of Hatsuse Izuna from No Game No Life by Phat Company. I will have bought her instantly if not for that lewd shirt-pulling posture. Instant drop for me. So disappointed, still no Dola and Izuna in my NGNL collection.

“Blurry Unknown Realm” Figure

Deku from Boku no Hero Academia is getting the scale figure treatment from various companies. If you ask me, it is wayyy long overdue!! Given the popularity of this series, I am surprised that the market is not flooded with their figures. Frankly speaking, this two have not quite caught my eyes yet. The shading on the Chara-Ani's one feels off while the Kotobukiya's one feels quite plain.

Aqua & Megumin from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o by Kadokawa. Still early days, waiting to see their painted version.

Like BSR, this series, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka threaten to underdetermine my figure collecting guidelines. Watched S1 and find the anime ok only. However, the figures..... omg so freaking cute!!! Finding it harder and harder to resist...

Will always welcome any figures from NGNL, especially when it is Jibril who is easily my favorite character for the series. As long as it is not something overly lewd.......

Wow, kinda speechless on this. The Generation of Miracles from Kuroko no Basuke is getting the nendoroid treatment. Izzit too late? They should have released much much earlier... I have even sold of my Kuroko scale figures.. wonder this nendoroid releases will rekindle my love to collect them again or not

Have to sneak in this Iori Yagami from King of FIghters. Not sure what studio is he from but will be waiting in anticipation for the colored prototype.

Overall Feelings

Certainly impressed with the nendoroids, with 6 of them going into my "holy grail muz buy" list. However, was pretty shocked that I do not have even 1 scale figure to aim for. Well, the 3 "Full of hopes" Figures are my best bets... Till the next Wonfest... じゃねぇ ^^v

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